Well-Rounded or Pathetically Distracted?

It's all a matter of how you look at it, I guess.

While I was unschooling my brood, I quietly railed against the pedagogy of the public school system's insistence that a child excel or at least be proficient in all the 'required subjects':

Reading. And math. And science. And history. And sports. And music. And....

And.. really? Because a good argument would be, say you had to go in to have a brain tumor removed, would you want a surgeon who was really REALLY good at brain surgery to the point of obsession? Or one who balanced his proficiency in medicine with that of Civil War trivia, cello-playing and algebra.

I mean, a person should have a healthy variety of interests. But if my kid showed an unwavering interest in building airplanes, or computer programs, or practiced playing music every flippin' day,  I say, let him at it! Let him enjoy the luxury of being consumed with a passion before he has to get a day job.

And, dare I say, maybe he won't have to get a day job because he'll be so darn good at what he loves, he could make a career out of it.

Made sense to me.

And so, here I am.. having been vocally defensive of my reluctance to get certified in other modalities, because, one, I believe the study of shiatsu could keep me busy for a lifetime, and two, I'd rather be really REALLY good at that, than have a smattering of a lot of other therapies under my belt just to impress people.

And besides. Single-mindedness of purpose is the only way we can reach our goals.

Right? RIGHT?

Diversity is Survival.

So, for those who are paying attention, you may have been aware that my life situation is changing. My husband and I are parting ways after 21 years, and sooooo, I have to make a living that actually pays for things I need. Like my car. And my house. And maybe some food and stuff.

The shiatsu biz waxes and wanes, and can be largely undependable in the steady-income department. In times like these, it's good to be resourceful.

I have other skills to draw upon. My website-building experience. My somewhat-shiatsu-related knowledge like qi gong and macrobiotic cooking. My herb gardening experience. My graphic arts degree (oh yeah, remember that...?).

I've decided to revive some packed-away interests, and nearly-forgotten dreams in the hopes of creating several income streams, thereby avoiding getting a Real Job at which I might get paid only slightly more than the cost of having said job.

But I struggle with feeling like a scatterbrain. Like a jill-of-all-trades/master-of-none. Of being accused of jumping all over the place, with no focus, no aim, no expertise. No Goals, or Impressive Single-Minded Determination.


Renaissance Woman.

I worry about unhealthily indulging my insatiable restlessness and boredom, but Damn! I like doing a lot of different stuff! And I really think I can elevate much of it beyond hobby status to being able to feed my kids and all their friends whom I keep finding on the couch.

So, does that make me a bad person? Am I ADD? Am I all over the map? Am I doomed to mediocrity because I'm avoiding honing in on my One Big Thing?

Does it count if I concoct an Overarching Theme to tie all this stuff together? Am I using Too Many Capitals to make a point?

For example, here's what I'm doing (or planning to do):

- A healing touch retreat for couples, co-taught with a massage therapist. (Fair enough, and actually relevant.)

- Infant massage class (Again, makes perfect sense..)

- Basic whole foods cooking class (Yeah, I can see that..)

- Teaching an almost year-long herb class to young homeschoolers (Really?)

- Launching a coaching practice to help holistic healers get a viable web presence (Um, wait a minute...)

- Reviving my old handmade greeting card business using designs inspired by Japanese motifs (Okay, now you're just being silly..)

So, will I have time to get Really Good at shiatsu? Or better yet, will I have time to do any of this stuff, in addition to single-handedly running a household containing four homeschooled boys between the ages of 9 and 20, while cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, and unplugging toilets... and, oh yeah, writing about it all?

Are you done laughing yet?

Yeah, me neither...

 (But, hey, if you're interested in any of this stuff, feel free to contact me... ;)