First Cooking Class: A Success!

miso seaweed.gina.jpg

Getting my opinion, anyway, and yeah, I did get a lot of positive feedback from my four lovely participants.

These things are always a learning experience the first time around ... particularly around time constraints. But in two hours, we taste-tested 4-5 different types of miso (azuki bean miso won, hands down!), sipped some wine, learned the names and pronunciations of 7 different kinds of seaweed, sipped some more wine, rolled some nori-maki, experimented with non-gelatin jello, and oh yeah, finished off with some wine.

Unfortunately, two of my guests had to take off before they got to eat, but hopefully they did manage to see how miso soup was prepared, and will be able to make it at home.

Overall, it was a total blast for me.. putting it together, having friends here to share in something I've wanted to do for a loooong time, and even the clean-up. It's been really cool to revive something that I once was very passionate about, and to feel surprisedly competent by how much I really know about this subject.

Can't wait till the next one!!

And now, more photos!

miso seaweed class.jpg

Awaiting the guests

miso nori sushi.jpg

Demonstrating the rolling of nori maki

miso seaweed andrea.jpg

Take it away, Andrea!

miso seaweed 3.jpg

Gina expounds on the joys of umeboshi paste

miso seaweed aftermath.jpg

The sign of a good time: a totally trashed kitchen!


Bill took all the photos, so here he is later that night..