Expand Your Horizons Cooking Classes!


(Miss the first one?? Not to worry, there's still more...!)

After emphatically suggesting miso soup to the umpteenth client, I realized I should probably just show folks how to make it, along with a few other things.

Kind of a Macrobiotics 101, but without too much theory, and mostly just dealing with the more fun stuff ... this is a way for me to introduce you to some really healthy dishes and simple cooking styles to use in your regular routine. Or maybe even inspire you to develop a regular routine...

Presenting... (da da DA!!) A three-part series on a few macro basics!

Take one, or two, or all three classes. (Discounts for taking more than one..) Also, I've scheduled two sessions in hopes of making it more convenient: one on Thursday evenings, the other on Saturday afternoons.

In these classes, you will:

  •  Learn that eating soup for breakfast may be odd, but not unpleasant 
  • Overcome (or at least confront) your fear of weird-sounding food
  •  Become enlightened to the difference between a suribachi and a surikogi
  •  Develop a fondness for salty plum paste smothered on corn-on-the-cob (Trust me!)
  •  Come away with a bunch of recipes artfully-presented by a former graphic artist
  •  If nothing else, enjoy a tasty meal or two, meet some new friends, and ideally, have a great time ( BYOB... just sayin'...)

The Particulars .....

1) Miso & Seaweed: What Is It, and Why Would I Want to Eat It?

Miso, being an enzyme-rich soybean paste that strengthens digestion, and seaweed, that mineralizes the blood - the combination of which makes an elegant and simple broth that can be eaten daily, and which I swear will change your life. We'll also explore some other uses of miso, as well as the wide variety of sea veggies that can be made into snacks and desserts!

(Sat. 9/25 4-6pm, Thurs. 9/30 6:30-8:30pm)

2) Condiments: Beyond Ketchup (Way Beyond..)

We often think of condiments as something to smother other food with... ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce, etc. In macrobiotics, food preparation is all about balancing the energy according to yin and yang. The use of condiments is one way of making that balance, as well as adding extra nutrients and interesting flavors to liven up everyday dishes: grains, vegetables, beans, fish, etc. You'll also find healthier flavor-adding substitutes for things like butter, salad dressing, and salt.

(Sat. 10/9 4-6 pm, Thurs. 10/14 6:30-8:30pm)

3) Mochi, Udon, Seitan and Other Strangely Named (But Delicious) Foods

Sure, we've all heard of tofu by now, but there's a whole world of food out there that you may have come across and been intimidated by, or never even heard of. Not to mention the names of which throw my spellcheck into a panic. Get to know some of these other highly nutritious possibilities, and who knows, you might even come to love one or two of them!

(Sat. 10/23 4-6pm, Thurs. 10/21 6:30-8:30pm)

One class: $25, Two classes: $45, Three classes: $65

Space is limited to six people. Classes will be held in my Coatesville home (West Caln Township)

Please register by contacting me here.

I'm so excited!!! This is gonna be fun....