Reaching Roots

My favorite local nursery has closed their doors to retail sales this weekend.



I was remembering the first time I stopped by there a little over a year ago, and the piece of advice I received, which inspired what I hoped would someday be an insightful blog post.

I had purchased a couple of azaleas to fill in the space from which a number of large unsightly trees had been removed, and was assisted with loading them into my car by a woman who I sensed was more comfortable among plant life than humans (to myself, dubbing her 'the shrub whisperer'..)

She offered a few tips to making my new plants feel more at home, the most profound being that while I should take care to water them, not to do it every day... let them dry out a day or so in between in order to cause the roots to reach a little further for the water source, and therefore gain strength.

"Good advice for anyone," I observed, and to which she agreed.

I was reminded of something Mark Silver had written about the divine wisdom of not giving humans access to all the answers. That, in our being lost, or to some degree being kept in the dark, we would always have to 'keep close to Source', which is really where we belong.

Mark says, and I quote,

"... the Divine doles out information bit by bit, step by step, so that we always stay close to our Source. Not as a punishment, but so that we don't spend our lives alone, far from the Source of Love."

We think that we need to have all the answers in order to feel strong and confident.

But in having all the answers, or more accurately, thinking we do, closes us off to asking questions, to seeking, to humility, and eventually leads to arrogance.

Again, Mark writes,

"Perplexity - or ignorance - is one of the best ways the Divine has of keeping us near our Source. If God gave us directions to our life, step-by-step, all in advance, most of us would rush off to a corner to follow each direction in order, finally sure of being in the right place, to do the right thing. And, we would be all alone in that corner, far from experiencing the Source of Love."

Interesting to me is this paradox of dependency and strength.

To be in a state of need by which we have to reach out for nourishment is to actually become stronger. To know that sometimes we don't know, and so have to go looking outside of ourselves, whether to Spirit, or to community (Spirit in disguise), which fortifies us in ways we could never do alone, relying only what is within easy our reach.

What do you do when you feel lost, or disconnected, or 'ignorant'?

How do you react? With fear? Defensiveness? What happens when you allow yourself to go soft, and ask from help, from others, or in prayer? What blessings have come your way that may not have otherwise?