Be Physical - by Dr Doris Jeanette

I am pleased to feature a post by Dr. Doris Jeanette, a Philadelphia-based holistic psychologist and author of The Vibrant Moment. This article sang to me as she encapsulated the connection between health and being truly grounded -  a theme you may have seen echoed in my writings about shiatsu and qigong.

Be Physical

Physics is the number one topic readers of The Vibrant Moment told me in the recent survey that you want to know more about.

I am surprised and pleased to know you are interested in learning how the laws of physics can be used to help you live a happier and healthier life.

As a holistic psychologist, it is puzzling to me that traditional psychologists still do not include the physical body when they work with their clients.  Including the human body is one of the major ways the New Psychology is totally different from the therapies that are currently available to you.

After all, the laws of physics apply to the human being just as they do to all the rest of the physical matter that stands, sits, crawls and walks around on planet Earth.

You have a physical body and you live on a physical planet. Since your body is physical, all the laws of physics govern you 24 hours a day. Ignoring these laws is not wise.

Let's start with the law that most human beings love to ignore, deny and defy - the rock solid, bottom-line law of gravity.

Laws work equally on all people and cannot be altered for your convenience. No research is needed to prove a law.

How much time, attention, money and energy do you spend making sure your relationship with gravity is intact and healthy?  Let us examine your personal relationship with gravity right now.

Dr. Jeanette demonstrates a healthy relationship with gravity as she totes her groceries on her head.

Dr. Jeanette demonstrates a healthy relationship with gravity as she totes her groceries on her head.

Notice how much of your whole body is pulling up away from the earth, the ground, and the strong pull of gravity. If you are not sure, sense the bottom of your feet. Notice how flat the full surface of your feet and toes are on the ground. Document how effectively your two feet and all 10 toes touch the ground.

To make sure you increase your awareness, feel any part of your body that could be resisting the pull of gravity by tightness up, squeezing, going numb or shrinking.

Some of you may think you are not pulling up and away from gravity, however, I doubt it.  Just now, as I did the exercise with you, some of my right foot was all scrummed up and tight in my warm, winter slippers.

The only humans that I see trusting, falling into, hugging and being one with gravity are babies.

Their little bodies are limp in the pull of gravity and enjoying every minute of this secure physical feeling.  Occasionally I see a few little tots still at ease with the secure hug the pull of gravity provides, but the rest of us come and go.

Pause and consider the law of gravity if you want to improve your emotional health, mental health and physical health.  

Know that you cannot reach a vibrant moment, relaxation, peace of mind, joy, reality or transcendental experiences if your body is not safe and secure within the field of gravity.



Dr. Doris Jeanette is a licensed psychologist and trained sex therapist with a holistic psychology approach which includes the human body and the laws of physics. To learn more about how to accelerate your personal growth by being physical, sign up for her free newsletter, The Vibrant Moment at: