The Rhythm of Purple

This is a plug for my friend -  massage therapist, colleague and musician - Bill Bryan.

Some years ago, he created an album for his massage practice, much of which was composed during a very trying time in his life. One of the unique things about this collection of music is the use of the theremin - an instrument invented in 1920 by a young Russian physicist, Lev Sergeivich Termen. It's not only the oldest electronic instrument, but the only that's played without physical contact, giving many of the selections a haunting, ethereal sound.

Early on, as he passed along the album to his clients, a unique and unexpected feature emerged.

Because there is a particular and consistent rhythm from one end of the piece to the other, the music was found to have a very calming effect on the autistic children of several of his clients. It seemed to be a unanimous finding.

And so, Bill decided he wanted to get this music out to other families who are dealing with autism (800 cd's, in fact).

Enter Kickstarter.

If you're not familiar with Kickstarter, it is "the world's largest fundraising platform for creative projects".

A person has a project they want to get off the ground, so they submit it, and if approved, they create a video, some terms, a financial goal with a deadline, and then ask for help. For the investors, it's pretty much risk-free... if you pledge and the goal isn't met, nothing is lost.

But for certain amounts pledged (see the page for details) you can receive an autographed copy (or two) if the goal is met.

Here is a link to his project, with video  below (edited by my 16 year-old son!):

I hope you will feel moved, or at least intrigued enough to help him out.

And definitely by April 20th... the countdown is on...,