The Yin and Yang of Willing

I have to blame my cohort, Bill, for turning me on to caring about meanings and definitions and semantics and stuff.

I'm pretty sure he is the reason why my last mental gymnastic before falling asleep last night - and I have no idea where this came from - was pondering the difference between the word, 'willing' as a verb, and 'willing' as an adjective.

To be 'willing' as an activity, is to bring a degree of energy and focus to wanting, maybe even making, something happen that isn't, or wouldn't naturally otherwise. It often implies an obstacle or resistance that is to be overcome before whatever it is can manifest. To bring forth something from within us for the sake of power over something else. The Yang or active principle.

(Fill in the blank with a doing word or statement: "I am willing...")

To be described as 'willing', is to be open and ready for whatever it is that is expected to transpire. It implies a sense of surrender. It requires a adopting a posture of trust for whatever is to come, to be led, to be open. The Yin or receptive principle.

(Fill in the blank with a being word or statement: "I am willing...")

Feel the difference?

Why does this matter? I have no idea, yet, other than I thought it was interesting. Though, something tells me this is probably going to have some kind of relevance soon.

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