What's Your Kitchen Saying?

I have a question for you this week: What purpose does your kitchen serve?

I know, it seems obvious - it's a place to prepare food (duh...). This is typically its intended function. But what role is it playing in your home and in your life?

I believe that since our personal relationships with food and nourishment can be so complicated (involving family and values and nurturing and self-care and self-love and self-image and oh my!) our kitchens (and even dining areas) will probably reflect some of those attitudes, whether we realize it or not.

Our kitchens may serve a variety of purposes: social gathering space, office or homework center, an oasis, Communication Central, or no more than a place where food is kept and dishes dumped, or a place to avoid if possible.

My mission for you, should you choose to accept it:

Take a moment to stand in your kitchen. Or, at least imagine standing in it. Take a couple deep breaths and relax.

And now, try to describe what feeling or sense or quality comes to mind.  Without thinking too much about it, what is the first impression you notice about being there?

Does it feel like a place of creativity and possibility? A place where love is made manifest in the form of nourishment? Does it feel confining and uncomfortable? Does it feel spacious and organized, or cluttered? Does it bring up memories or feelings of resentment? Is it a place to gather or graze? Is it a place of comfort, warmth and cooperation, or one of conflict and avoided tasks?

What do you notice?

Do you use this space a lot, or does someone else prepare the food in your home? Or do you eat out more often than not?

And if/when you eat at home, where do you sit (if you sit, or do you stand at the counter..:) At a table, in front of the tv, in front of the computer… in a place where other things are kept, like mail, projects, etc.?

This is not a judgement or a statement about what I think you should be doing - just more of an awareness exercise.

What comes up for you with these questions - are you comfortable with the space and time given to meal times? What, if anything, would you like to change and why? 

Please share your responses! Click the "post a comment" link at the top and type away! (Also, I invite you pass this post along to others if you find it an intriguing topic!)


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