Reclaim Your Innate Health Today!!

Today at 4pm EST, I will be a guest on the internet radio show, Family First, hosted by Randy Rolfe.

The topic is "How to Reclaim Our Innate Health", and it's so exciting for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, it's coming full circle from a related show I was on in 1995, "Alternatives in Education". There is a similar topic involved, that of my experiences with the "Continuum Concept", only now I get to share not only how all that went, but how it's affected my shiatsu practice, but my overall understanding of our innate healing abilities.

As these things go, the actual discussion could take a number of directions, but looking at some of the questions I was sent, we hope to talk about how the Concept led to my family's decision to homeschool, how it's informed my practice, what does it have to do with all this alignment stuff I keep talking about, and the eternal Big Question: how can parents integrate the Continuum Concept principles (as observed in a Stone Age tribe) into a modern day technological lifestyle.

It should be interesting.

And, if you happen to catch it live, which you can do below, I believe you can call in with questions. (Okay, so let's play, "Stump the Shiatsu Therapist!")

If you don't catch it today, you can still listen here afterward or on the Voice America site =>