Is This Thing On?

Gotta love that full circle magic.

So, a couple months ago, I was invited to a birthday luncheon by a woman whom I never met, but with whom I shared a couple of friends. We had been emailing each other about meeting for some time, and it seemed like this might finally be the opportunity.

Upon arriving at the restaurant and greeting the few other common friends, I was then introduced to Randy Rolfe. Now, I knew I had heard her name, maybe even met her before, but just couldn't place where.

About two months later, I was then invited to a newly forming Mastermind Group, involving some of these same women - Randy included.

Now, I could see how she would have been in similar circles as me, being as she was involved in healthy living and parenting, but I still couldn't place how exactly I knew her. At one point, the Continuum Concept came up in the discussion, which she was familiar with, and I was proud to say that I had not only met Jean Liedloff, but volunteered for her worldwide networking group for a bit.

Aside from that, Randy - in the course of mastermind business - shared an organizational system she had been using - one of which will be the topic of an upcoming blog post, as I decided to try it for myself.

As a result of that system, and clearing out my filing cabinets, I came across a program listing for a radio show I had appeared on in 1995, "Alternatives in Education", in an interview related to the Continuum Concept.

Imagine my "ah-HA!", when I opened it:


Now, I vaguely remember Randy not making it there for that show, but I know the name stuck with me ever since. But anyway, I immediately emailed her the picture.

Two days later, she called me to acknowledge the humor in this. I shared with her how I ended up being on that show - terrified as I was of any public speaking - only because the host, Brenda Dudek, had a last-minute guest cancellation two days before the recording.

Well, not only did Randy call me to personally chuckle about the above-mentioned meeting, but because (as she also has a radio show) she realized she didn't have a guest slated for her next upcoming broadcast, and would I mind being on her show... to talk about the Continuum Concept!

It's funny when things like that come around and fall into place. Timing, connections, last-minute choices, and clearing out both physical and mental clutter seemed to open a path.

That last time, I was only six years into my parenting career. I was a huge advocate of Jean's work, though in that 'interview' - as Jean was also there by phone - I think I said little more than, "Hi", "Um...", and "Thank you for having me." (I have the cassette recording somewhere... will have to revisit it!)

Now, here I am, 17 years later, and hopefully better able to articulate the practical applications from the other side of baby-raising, as well as how that book not only influenced my parenting, but my outlook on life, my spirituality and my shiatsu practice.

It should be interesting. The link to the show is here. It will air on Friday, July 13th at 4:00pm EST, with the recording to appear on my website soon after.

Wish me luck!