Funky February



We're rounding the end of February and tensions are high, it seems. 

Feeling it in myself, seeing it in those around me.

I observed some years ago that this was annual occurrence for me, and then learning later, that according to Chinese Medicine, this is a time of nature's inner upheaval.

Energy is moving and mobilizing unseen below the frozen ground … awakening seeds and sprouts, summoning all available resources to push through the earth up to the sun.

Otherwise known as 'cabin fever'.

In our own bodies, energy (qi, ki, life force) ebbs and wanes and flows… daily, monthly, seasonally, throughout a lifetime. The smoothness (or lack thereof) of these transitional flows can become most evident during times of hormonal changes (menstrual, menopausal, etc), life changes, like a new job or a move, or when the seasons change dramatically.

This energy (usually associated with Liver in TCM) is very strong .. it is creativity made manifest, and if thwarted, discouraged, hindered, blocked, or lacking support, it will still assert its expression, just perhaps in a funky way:  irritation, frustration, anger, angst, depression, and so on.

I have written of this several times in the past here and here. Aaannnd here.

But this year, I am experiencing another dimension of this: theoretical, perhaps, but worth exploring.

I am in the second week of a renowned 12-week course, The Artist's Way. The author, Julia Cameron, is wise to alert her readers that the process of unblocking one's creativity, while life-saving and transforming, will, well, bring up some shit. As in, all the  safety measures we've established to keep us from being creative in the first place.

I find it no small coincidence that Liver/Spring energy is also Creative energy… 'the force that through the Green Fuse drives the flower'… and unleashing it can bring forth some pretty crazy stuff.

I do believe that our creativity is what draws us closer to our Creative Source, much like the Sun calls to the plant and animal life. It's a compelling and seductive call, one that really cannot be resisted, though we try, and with no small consequences.

You only have to witness grass pushing up through cracks in concrete to get a sense of the tenacity of the creative force. And this life may spring up displaying grace and elegance - or deformity - but it springs nonetheless.

Feeling funky yourself?

Where can you allow for more smoothness of transition… at least a tiny outlet in your busy, hectic world for a creative sprout?

==> Here's but one task in "The Artist's Way" course to help you move toward some creative outlets: Write down 20 things that you like doing. Maybe you haven't done a lot of them in years - even better. Choose two as a goal for the coming week, and take one small step toward each.

Share what you're thinking about doing below.

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