Nurturing the Center


In TCM, the late summer or times of transition between the seasons are represented by the element of Earth. 

Earth, of course, is associated with the center of things; with stability and home, and comfort and the body. With nourishment and care and 'mothering'.

When going through these periods of seasonal change (or any change) we may feel a tug to draw more inward - in fact, this is an appropriate thing to allow as nature, as well as our bodies, is shifting from being more outwardly expressive to more inwardly focused, or vice versa.

Taking stock of where we were, what we need to move forward, and getting rid of what we don't need are excellent preparations for the winter ahead, or the summer, when we're on that end of things. 

This past weekend, here in Pennsylvania, we had our first taste of autumn briskness - a mostly sunny day, but then suddenly overcome with clouds and that familiar chilly wind that (almost) made me want to close my windows. I had the irresistible urge to deep clean my kitchen - an appropriately symbolic area for 'center', and 'nourishment'.

I scoured the floor by hand, scrubbed trash cans, recycling bins - vacuumed our cabinets and tossed a number of food items that I finally had to admit I will never use. I rearranged utensils in a way that made sense (why didn't I think of this before!), and even cleaned out the inside of my coffee pot.


Hanging up a blue glass 'hamsa' in a window that a friend had brought back fro me from Israel so many years ago, and arranging a tiny bouquet on my table added the final touches

The warm expansive of summer gets harder for me every year to let go of. But this activity - making space in the room where I feed myself and my family, and seemingly spend on third of my life in (the other 2/3's - on the computer or in bed :), energized me, even to the point of waking up this morning, and being excited to go visit my hearth. It feels like scared space again. 

What can you do to prepare your 'center' for times of transition? Where are your sacred spaces,  or touchstones that could use some dusting off and polishing?

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