why i'm excited (and why you should be, too)

I'm excited.

I'm excited for me and I'm excited for you.

But first, did you ever notice how you can dance around the most obvious fact in the universe and never really see it?

Why it suddenly becomes apparent when it suddenly does, I can only guess, other than we need to be willing to see it. (I've long said, "God blesses the willing." I've also referred to Divine Forehead Thunks. Perhaps you know what I mean... )

Anyway, this ==>  I love shiatsu. It will always inform what I do and how I approach the body. But I had been noticing for quite some time no small amount of fatigue and frustration with my bodywork practice.

I think on the shiatsu front, it's been hard to 'sell' it to a lot of my people (not all, mind you.) But whether real or imagined, I've sensed an expectation for a lot of folks unfamiliar to the benefits of 'finger pressure' to make it more like massage. It seems that for many Americans, shiatsu is not 'deep' enough... not enough hard pressure.

And well, I'm not a massage therapist. So, not only was I exerting much more energy than was comfortable for me, I found myself trying to be something I'm not.

Then... there's this whole other, um, sensitivity? I've developed where when I touch a lot of my clients, or even look at them on the mat, I can see and feel the structural imbalance in the body. Clear as day. And usually clearer than their energetic imbalance (though, really, there isn't too much difference... one informs the other...)

But anyway, I've not really know what to do with that, and how to help. Or how to overcome the vast gap of understanding of the basic mechanical properties of the body amongst the public.

And so, here's why I'm excited (....taking in a deeeep breath):

I found a teacher. By sheer happenstance (what an interesting word! "hap" = chance, luck, fortune. "stance" = to stand. resting place), I came across an article by some gal named Katy Bowman, who titles herself a 'biomechanist".

She's smart. She's funny. She's a mom. Yeah, I'm crushing big time. And she's All. About. Alignment.

Wow. So am I!!

She has SO much material to learn from, that for the first time I am panicking about being 48 years old already. I need about another century to absorb not just her stuff, but all of her resources, and anything remotely pertaining to her stuff… which I want to do JUST FOR FUN!

(We call ourselves 'body nerds'. Yep.)

So. I am already entrenched in her "Healthy Foot Practitioner" certification course. Beyond that, I plan to go all the way through her Whole Body Alignment courses and hopefully end up as a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

And as this progresses, I will not only be able to make helpful and scientifically informed observations about your alignment, but I'll be able to give you actual practical effective simple stuff you can do to feel so much better! (My feet, legs and low back are already singing her praises from the rooftops..!)

The other cool thing, is that I've long been toying with the concept of alignment as an approach to life (not just gravity) - in our relationships, in our livelihoods, our nourishment, our finances, our parenting, our deepest desires.

It's the path I've been on all along - with homebirthing, with homeschooling, etc… suspecting there's this underlying Way to Be that our DNA totally remembers… that every cell in our body knows where the alignment is… we just have to wake up and pay attention and …. trust. Trust our bodies. Trust our DNA. That's the larger picture of where my practice will be going.

So, I could you could say I'm finally aligning with alignment! :)

You with me? I hope so.

Feel free to visit me on Facebook - I've been sharing quotes from stuff that I've been reading (like a madwoman). Would love to hear thoughts. Nothing is set in stone. It's a grand adventure, and all open for exploration and discussion…!! The website will be slowly evolving to meet this new direction. I shall keep you posted!

(And in my 'spare time' I may even improve my Adobe Illustrator skills to take me beyond drawing rudimentary stick people for graphic embellishment...)

(==>> Please join us also on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am, where I'll be toying with what I've been learning as well as the other movement/qi-flowing/self-love stuff we do <<== )