I once read somewhere that if you want to change your life, do one thing differently.

I'm also learning from a marketing course I'm doing, that small tweaks bring small changes, the incremental percentages of which can quickly compound into doubling one's business. They have a formula and everything!

The one thing doesn't have to be monumental. For me, I think about this in the shower ... my first real unconscious routine of the morning. Body goes on auto-pilot through shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat, whilemonkey mind skips off happily to find something to be agitated about for the day.

Maybe for you it's taking a different route to work. Or wearing an uncharacteristic shirt color. Or trying something new for lunch. Or smiling at 'annoying dude at the water cooler' instead of anticipating the annoyance.

Why would the little things matter?

A couple of things. One, shifting any pattern causes your brain to have to pay attention. Now, it's back here in the present moment with your body (Oh, hey, hi! Remember me?). There you were, preparing to shave left leg, then right leg, just like every day since time began, and instead you decide to go for the right leg first. Interestingly, this mini monkey wrench causes your mind to go, huh? and pause from chewing on the to-do list.

A small thing. Possibly inconsequential. But have you noticed this? We have thought patterns attached to habitual physical patterns. For me, the shower routine got attached to a relationship drama that would get triggered in my head as soon as the shampoo went on. And before I was out of the shower, my day would be on a downward turn without anything even happening! This went on for weeks, months even. Until I made the conscious effort to just start with the right leg instead.


Two things going on, I think. One, the attention thing. New patterns, new routes, the mind has to pay attention. It can't be wandering off, or else you might nick yourself. Also, the neural patterns thing.

In that moment, the opportunity arises to make a different choice. I do believe this has a ripple effect and can show up in other habitually-stuck areas. Like with relationships.

One more thing, concerning our relationships: patterns are like a well-rehearsed dance routine, where each partner knows their steps. I say this, you respond like that, I say something else, you interpret it to mean something wildly different, and next thing ya know, 'that thing' between us has happened yet again. (and.... dip!)

What if instead of doing the twirl here, you ( _____ ) instead. Or stopped dancing altogther. Your dance partner has no choice but to respond differently. For better or for worse.

And it's funny that I just said, 'has no choice', because that integral moment is all about choice. We just may not realize it.

Yes, people around us will react, if they were part of the dance. It shows you just how invested we and everyone around us become in maintaining the status quo.

Whole 'nuther topic. Point is, if you're feeling 'stuck', and the place you feel stuck around is not responding to your persistent head-butting, withdraw your energy from that place and change something else in your world within your control.

Shave a different leg first. Or something like that. :)