are you, like, SO done with winter?

We're past the midway point to spring, but if you're a fan of winter, it can feel like the darkness before the dawn... with cabin-fever-type emotions running high.

Or quite low, as it seems like winter will neeeeeevvvvveeeerrrr end.

Either way, if you're finding yourself more irritated, or more glum than usual, I would like to offer some elemental perspective that I hope will encourage you to embrace the wisdom and beauty of where we are (since you don't really have a choice, anyway... haha...).

From "The Book of Gina's Artful Interpretations of Chinese Medicine".. (ahem :):

Winter is associated with the element of Water.

As such, Water - always seeking the lowest point - is about depth and storage of resources. The 'energy' is stillness - meaning, the activity of the natural world is at rest, and, as you can imagine, often in direct conflict with what our modern world is doing.

Water energy is also manifested in the bones - our body's deepest structure (as in, "being chilled to the ______". Can ya feel that?).

Winter is an appropriate time to go deep, connect with your source, and conserve resources.

But, this can be overdone (as this introvert is discovering...). Water is considered the most  powerful, if not persevering element, as with time, it can wear down even the tallest mountains.

However, without movement, and without a container, it's in danger of stagnating or dispersing.... basically, just making everything soggy.

Each element in the seasonal cycle is 'nourished' or 'mothered' by the one preceding it, and 'controlled', or 'disciplined' by the one across (picture the five seasons in a circle, enclosing a five-pointed star. Why five seasons?)

In the case of discipline, Earth controls Water.

If we find ourselves sinking or languishing into the depths, it may be because we've lost our container.

Think of the Earth element as providing the shores, like a riverbank, or a clay bowl... containing the Water and helping it to regain movement and context.

The Earth element provides the physical structure (as in the body), and the Water is our spiritual nature. Sometimes we need to anchor our spirit and give it shape and form in the body.

Get out of the house! Feel, smell, view, hear and taste the experience of winter. Explore with keen awareness the boundaries of your physical container. Move and stretch the spine, work the knees and low back - as these are related to the Bladder and Kidney meridians, where cold and stiffness are more likely to settle.

(Watch the salt intake, as well. Salt is good for bringing warming energy deeper into the body, but too much can be constrictive and interfere with a restful sleep!)

Water, as energetically manifested in the Bladder/Kidney meridians, is also about the will and impetus.

In the case of stagnation, we may have become disconnected from this forward-moving impulse. Or, an imbalance in the opposite direction could send us running in circles - entrapped in unproductive 'busy-ness', doing a whole lotta stuff but getting nothing done (don't know anything about that one!), and leaving us feeling depleted as a result.

Providing an earthy container can also help.

But, the 'nourishing/supportive' element of Water is Metal. Clear, precise, and detail-oriented, the circular busyness of Water can be better directed with a plan, a purposeful direction for Water to flow in.

Does any of this resonate with you? Find it helpful? Let me know!

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