got the urge for going

... but not too far.

The punch line first. I'm moving!

A big event for my practice, but for you, just a few more steps up the street.

My partner Bill and I have talked at length over the past few years of merging our practices, at least in regards to work begun by our ten-week qigong class. What that would look like, what it would require us to do, what we have to lose for the sake of gaining.

A foundation had been laid, I believe, by stating these intentions over and over, so that when the door opened - quite unexpectedly - it was very easy to recognize.

We're a little unprepared for some aspects, and these next few months are going to give us an immersion in some business lessons we've managed to avoid thus far. But I also believe it's like planning for a child, or any great life-changing leap... you may never be entirely ready - sometimes you just have to take the leap, trust that the next trapeze is there ... or else languish in 'planning purgatory' forever.

Soooo.... all that to say, we plan to open the doors to you on March 1st. The space will be a work in progress for a little while, but it will be ready enough to be welcoming- ideally with no interruption to service. (And my room will now have sunshine!!!! Whoooo!)

Here's a visual of how close we will be:

Follow the red line from the LHHC (bottom) to our new home (top)!

Follow the red line from the LHHC (bottom) to our new home (top)!

Change is always scary, even one that's only a hop and a skip (not even a jump) away. But I hope you will make the transition along with us. And we are still so close to the Pharmacy, the LHHC therapist and the rest of the stores, it's a short little walk you can work in to your outing!

Stay tuned for answers to all your burning questions about classes and other things that I'm sure you have. And follow me on Facebook for updates and pics of our progress...!

(sneak peek of my soon-to-be-office.... look at all that sunlight!!)