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photo courtesy of D'lish Diva Denise, wherever she may be...

photo courtesy of D'lish Diva Denise, wherever she may be...

You may have heard me mention Danielle LaPorte once or twice. :)

Well, if you're not on her email list, I will tell you she sends out these communiques that more often than not give me something yummy to chew on.

Such as today, with a subject line that read, "3 Questions Everyone on a Team Should Answer".

Now, I'm not part of a team to the degree she is per se, but in reading the article, I could see where these questions could be asked in any setting where I have to co-exist with others.

Like my household. Or my new partnership. (Regarding which, these questions could easily sum up the spirit of the Operating Agreement we had to create as part of forming our LLC).

But what about my shiatsu practice, which is a solo-preneurship?

Indeed, I found that, even as a team of one, this was a great grounding and clarifying exercise. Yes, I will admit that some of my responses are more aspirational than actual, but as such, a reminder of standards that I would like to hold myself to, and a mission statement of sorts to you - my readers and clients.

The questions are:

1) What are you in charge of? ~ 2) What do you do every day? ~ 3) What can others count on you for?

My answers are below. And I invite you to put this same process to your own team, or family, or group that you rely on for collaboration and co-creation. (In a team setting, it could be useful to share out loud - for feedback, and perhaps sharing of things that may not have realized others look to us for...

And, in taking Danielle's cue here, my responses are 'big-vision, ramble-style...)

1) What am I in charge of: My own self-care; education (mine and yours); Vision; integrity-striving; impeccable work habits; planning and organizing; maintaining a safe, clean, welcoming space; ethics and clear boundaries; networking; client records; tax and other financial records; promotion/marketing/communication; face of the business; inspiration, self-motivation; staying Connected and Uplifted.

2) What I do every day: Envisioning; extrapolating; connecting the dots; breathing deeply; staying in touch; reading/studying; moving my body; minding my own needs to stay strong. (What I would like to do more of: writing; creating products; getting outside; getting bodywork for myself! :)

3) What you can count on me for (or what I strive to provide): Presence. Listening. Safe space. Focus. Seeking the Big Picture. Being ready when you arrive. Leaving my own baggage home. Clarity and appropriate boundaries. Compassion. Trust in your own insights about your body. Humor. Concern for your comfort. Healthy challenging, if needed. Educated and truthful explanations (in as much as I am aware, and including "I really don't know," as an answer...), Referring elsewhere, if I think someone else can help you better; Being human, and admitting as much.

Thoughts? Share below, or on my Facebook page!

(And here's Danielle's post, if you want to see how she rolls...)