are you in (dysfunctional) relationship?

As of today, we are three weeks into my 4-week "Happy & Healthy Feet" workshop.

Don't these feet look happy??

Don't these feet look happy??

What my biggest takeaway has been (and I hope it's been for the participants as well) is that this approach (via Restorative Exercise) is not just about 'do these exercises', 'wear these shoes' (or not), but understanding the relationship between the condition of your feet and how you use them.

Like with any relationship therapy, you have to get to the root of the dynamics that create the conflicts.

Habits of response, unconscious decisions, repetitive patterns. Co-dependency. That sort of thing.

It helps to understand that the environment we keep trying to relate to is not the one our bodies are in expectation of. But we adapt. And in that adaptation, the environment creates a greater need for itself. More ergonomic furniture. More supportive bedding and footwear. All of which help us maintain the weakened states our physical forms are developing, but none of which helps us grow stronger and independent of these, um, props.

See? Co-dependency.

This is not to be dismal. But, as I was saying, rather than trying to solve the problems with the same mindset that created them, I want to encourage you to look at what the body is meant to do, what your body's current relationship to the environment is.

For instance, instead of asking questions like, "What is the most ideal footwear?", asking, "What do my feet need at this point in my life in order to have a healthier relationship with the environment, while allowing them to grow stronger, and move how they're supposed to move?"

And this would be based on knowing what feet are designed to do in their natural habitat, what they've been doing up to this point, as well as knowing what shoes are or should be designed to do, and if/when we need shoes at all.

This applies to any part or whole of the body. (It just so happens that April is "National Foot Health Awareness" month... hence the foot obsession...)


To understand that our manmade environment will not provide of its own the diverse conditions we need to thrive, that we have to seek out those experiences, is the beginning of awareness, and asking better questions.


To realize that a lot of the 'issues' we end up with are most often the body doing exactly what it's supposed to do when encountering situation after situation in which it must adapt in order to keep functioning, is to begin to place our self- healing efforts in the right place - on our end of the relationship.

I hope this makes some sense. And, I hope it causes you to have more questions. :)

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