This month, being the month of May, I will be forwarding 10% of my shiatsu session proceeds to help earthquake victims in Nepal.

When I shared my desire to do this on Facebook, I requested suggestions for an organization .. preferably one that would help the people most directly.

Almost immediately, one of my clients contacted me about a friend of hers (Bob) who had been over there in 2008. I had seen in passing his request for help which she was sharing for him, the text (and photo) of which follows here:

"These are my friends, from Chalish, Nepal. They feed me, danced and helped me when I was stranded in Nepal, UNICEF saying millions of children need our help. Chalish is about 30 miles from Epicenter, worst area. I made contact with my friend Hari Bahadur Gurung tonight (awesome), he said people of village are ok but of course every house destroyed, food in houses...if you can help please PM me, $20 goes a long long way, I will work directly with Hari, so you know Nepalese people will get help, thank you for reading ‪#‎prayersfornepal‬"

Bob in Nepal.

Bob in Nepal.

His sister had posted a little more of the background:

"Back in 2010 my Brother became stuck in Nepal during a civil outbreak. He was rushed out of Kathmandu for ten days. During that time he was taken in by the locals. No questions asked. They fed him, provided shelter, and most importantly safety. He was eventually helicoptered out. By nature the Nepalese are very peaceful and caring people. Bob is collecting donations that are going directly to his friends and the families in these villages. Even ten dollars makes a difference..... Our goals are for food, shelter and eventually rebuilding schools."

If you'd like to help you can either book a session :), or contact me as to where to send aid.

Thank you!