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are your feet ready to delight?

My first -week "Healthy & Happy Feet" workshop wraps up today.

But, not to fret! There are two more happening in May... on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

We cover some basic foot anatomy, what to look for in choosing healthier footwear, and learn a few exercises to help improve mobility in the feet, as well as possibly relieve issues with knees, hips and back. Lots of hand-outs, too!


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got the urge for going

... but not too far.

The punch line first. I'm moving!

A big event for my practice, but for you, just a few more steps up the street.

My partner Bill and I have talked at length over the past few years of merging our practices, at least in regards to work begun by our ten-week qigong class. What that would look like, what it would require us to do, what we have to lose for the sake of gaining.

A foundation had been laid, I believe, by stating these intentions over and over, so that when the door opened - quite unexpectedly - it was very easy to recognize.


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