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Who's in your mirror?

In this, the month of Love… (which, I know, there are mixed feelings about…) - I’d like to direct your attention to the mirror.

What do you see when you look there? Or, maybe more to the point - how do you feel when you see your reflection?

This was the main point of a recent presentation on Natural Beauty I gave at a local library. (Yeah, not so much about swapping out your Maybelline for Evan Healy, or seven ways to make an avocado mask…).

It matters because what we see - in light of how we even define ‘beauty’ and whether we ‘measure up’ - informs not only how we feel about ourselves, but what choices we make about what we do to or put on or in our bodies.

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facing into the wind

As the weather turns colder, darker, drearier, it becomes easier to avoid.

We love getting out into nature - until it gets uncomfortable.

I know I've grown less tolerant of the chill as I've gotten older. But more recently, I've decided, it's important to my health and well-being to immerse myself in the elements, even if only briefly, every day.

A couple of days ago, I spent an hour or so outside during the waning of the afternoon. The day's long rain steady gave way, and in the brief window just before the following cold front came in riding in on the wind, we lit a bonfire...


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