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i'm a certified "heel"-er!

It's official!

I am now certified to be an insufferable foot fanatic. Meaning, I have recently been knighted a "Healthy Foot Practitioner."

I imagine your reaction is anywhere along the spectrum of, "Oooooo.... tell me more!"... to some variation of, "So what? My feet are fine."

Fair enough.

While I can't personally relate to a blase' response regarding our lower extremities (I luuuuvvv taking care of my feet!), I do think theorize that the larger population has developed a sort of second-class mindset to everything below the belt - until something hurts, that is...



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why i'm excited (and why you should be, too)

I'm excited.

I'm excited for me and I'm excited for you.

But first, did you ever notice how you can dance around the most obvious fact in the universe and never really see it?

Why it suddenly becomes apparent when it suddenly does, I can only guess, other than we need to be willing to see it. (I've long said, "God blesses the willing." I've also referred to Divine Forehead Thunks. Perhaps you know what I mean... )



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