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How to slow down time.

I doubt there aren’t too many of us wondering where the heck the last year has gone.

Thanksgiving already? Really??

I have my theories about why time feels like it’s speeding up (something I realized years before I ever heard of the FOMO - ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ - phenomenon).

Whatever the cause, it leaves a lot of us with a sense of never being quite caught up, content, fulfilled, complete.

As least, that’s how I’ve been feeling in recent years.

But, I’ve been learning to narrow the scope of what’s possible.

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you can count on me

You may have heard me mention Danielle LaPorte once or twice. :)

Well, if you're not on her email list, I will tell you she sends out these communiques that more often than not give me something yummy to chew on.

Such as today, with a subject line that read, "3 Questions Everyone on a Team Should Answer".

Now, I'm not part of a team to the degree she is per se, but in reading the article, I could see where these questions could be asked in any setting where I have to co-exist with others...


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on redemption, resolutions and willingness

It's that time again. Light being born from the darkness. Bidding farewell to the old, and welcoming the new. Hopes of change and better things to come.

Watching three versions of Dickens' Christmas Carol' this year (my fella has a penchant for feel-good Christmas movies… and, yeah, it's contagious) caused me to meditate a little more deeply on the whole redemption thing. Turning one's life around, and using one's closely hoarded gifts for the good of all.

But not without initial resistance. "I'm too old. It's too late for me…" was Scrooge's claim to the spirits. And that made me further contemplate our own typical reasons for staying stuck in the bud: our beliefs about our circumstances, our abilities, our worthiness, our hopes for salvation...


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