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Exploring the undiscovered country of the nearby

We can become so familiar with a place, we hardly notice it anymore.

This place can be as close as your own backyard, or your own body.

Glennie Kindred's beautiful and practical guide, "Letting in the Wild Edges" makes the compelling case for exploring the boundaries of our known worlds ("the undiscovered country of the nearby*"), and reacquainting with the 'edges' - the wild, forgotten, overlooked, overgrown and neglected places where nature will take the advantage to re-assert herself.


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health or respectability?

Growing old, I'm often told, isn't easy.

In my line of work, this revelation is usually spoken by a client with a nagging, tweaked, or strained something-or-other (and it doesn't seem to matter which age they are...!)

Though I am starting to experience this a little myself, I'm still not convinced that breakdown is inevitable - at least not at the rate which we seem to be witnessing.


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a case against logic and reason

Funny how a mood - like, say, a slow, creeping malaise and lethargy -  can be a question if you stay open and wait for the answer.

A question like, "Where has my enthusiasm, my creative spark disappeared to?"

For me, more specifically, why was I no longer finding myself lost for hours -  in neglect of my home and family and hygiene - in writing and designing projects like I used to be?

I truly did not expect to find such a seed, a nugget of truth speaking to my very condition, embedded so deeply within a totally random film recommendation documenting the history and resurgence of synthesizers.


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