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a fear worse than that of death

Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation to a local company about healthy feet.

I've heard that for many, fear of public speaking rates higher than a fear of death.

And, while there have been times I would have prayed for a tsunami to swallow me up on my way to a gig, I think I've made some progress to this end.

Otherwise, why the heck (I often ask myself) would I keep signing up to do this?


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how to move more (when you don't feel like moving more)

Lest you have this image of me - being a movement evangelista and all - that I gleefully pop out of bed each morning..

...  practice my qigong for an hour and/or walk five miles, continuing on to the rest of my day thusly, let me assure you, this is SO not the case.

As much as I would love to be an inspiration to you in this way, more than that, I want to say, I empathize, because I know how much easier is the path of least resistance.


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casting off.. who's with me?

Yesterday was the "Big Day" - liberation from the cast since breaking my wrist on March 11th.

It's been interesting, as I got to experience first-hand (haha... a pun!) what enforced immobilization is like, never having broken a significant bone before.

If you've ever had a broken, sprained or similarly injured part, you're pretty keen to the dramatic changes: going from activity one minute to sudden non-activity for several weeks or months, as the injury has to be kept still in order to heal.

But, necessary as this is, there's a price.


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