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ah, the sweet taste of relevance

This story begins with a chicken.

(With all due respect to my vegetarian/vegan readers, this is not a promotion for meat-eating...but consciousness.)

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of participating in a 'collective skill share' - a day of women gathering to present and share their talents of quilting, massage, herbal preparation, meditation, hex sign painting, yoga, qigong, and ... butchering.

Hannah Weller is a young, enthusiastic butcher and front store manager of Dundore and Heister in Wyomissing, PA.

Once a vegetarian, she arrived at the conclusion that her concern over the deplorable state of commercial livestock farming and its impact on human, animal and environmental health would be better put to use if she got involved directly to make positive changes.



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can i feel your stress?

I had a client recently ask me something along the lines of, "Can my 'magic' massage hands tell how much tension is in a person's body?"

And while I think I understood her question, I'm not sure she understood my response - which was fine, because it caused me to go a bit deeper into clarifying to myself what I was trying to say.

Yes, ten years of experience - I like to think - has given me some insight of touch into feeling what's more structural and what's more emotional (at the time of the session). Not only what is causing the tightness, but how easily (or not) a person can let go and relax into what I'm doing.

But, I usually want people to understand ...


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