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Who's in your mirror?

In this, the month of Love… (which, I know, there are mixed feelings about…) - I’d like to direct your attention to the mirror.

What do you see when you look there? Or, maybe more to the point - how do you feel when you see your reflection?

This was the main point of a recent presentation on Natural Beauty I gave at a local library. (Yeah, not so much about swapping out your Maybelline for Evan Healy, or seven ways to make an avocado mask…).

It matters because what we see - in light of how we even define ‘beauty’ and whether we ‘measure up’ - informs not only how we feel about ourselves, but what choices we make about what we do to or put on or in our bodies.

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anywhere but here

(I wrote this back in 2010 for a blog by Bridget Pilloud called, "Viola".. who can now be found on Intuitive Bridge. As I think the idea is still relevant, I thought I'd rescue it from Internet Oblivion and repost it here. Enjoy!)

Yeah, I'm a bodyworker. Shiatsu to be exact. So, theoretically I should know a thing or two about being present in the body.

But I'm learning all the time what this really means.

For example, I recently taught a class to couples on Valentine's Day on how to give each other a basic whole body shiatsu treatment. Seemed straightforward enough, until I started contemplating the all different types of touch there are and the multitude of intentions behind them...


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