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2017 word of the year emerges

In acknowledgement of the power of words and the vibrations they carry, it’s become a popular practice to choose a guiding theme word for the coming year.

An intention, an aspiration. A declaration, really.

Last year, my word was courage - which it probably could be every year, given that it takes such courage to be in human form, going forth as a mortal, armed only with a precarious balance of knowing and not knowing.

Maybe better would be the phrase, “Give me courage to (be/do/have) _______” … requesting help to embody the quality that speaks to you, be it love, compassion, beauty, grace, simplicity, clarity, in a world that tries to confuse, muddy, defile and complicate.

Otherwise, why would you even need a word?

So, the word for 2017 that emerged for me was, well…


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