Eight Pieces of Brocade


Are you 30? (40? 50?) but feel like you're 80?

Do you remember when you had greater flexibility, more energy, and freedom from chronic pain?

Do you want more control and mastery over the circumstances in your life, rather than them controlling you?

Can you imagine what you'd be doing differently with your life if you felt that way again? Have you given up hope of ever regaining your vitality?

Have you resigned yourself to a possible future of pain-killers, medications or surgery? Or a life of 'never-again-being-quite-the-same' after a procedure that was supposed to solve your problem?

Are you the kind of person that would follow a consistent exercise routine if you have regular support?

Do you want greater control over your own health, and understanding of your own body?

Are you willing to explore a different perspective from which to view your health in a fun and informative setting?



Join me!

8-weeks - Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

August 27 - October 15 | $100

Location: The Red Door (formerly Morgantown Methodist Church) 3002 W Main Street Morgantown PA 19543

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Contact me: Gina: gina@embodygrace.com 610-304-5120



Conventional approaches to chronic pain conditions, usually involving pain-killers or invasive procedures, are not always effective as they often overlook the root cause of the problem.

Many common issues - tension headaches; neck, back and shoulder pain; hip, knee and foot pain; even internal discomforts such as digestive or menstrual issues - are a result of how we habitually move our bodies and physically carry our stress patterns.

Over time, these patterns or postures, become injuries with compensating patterns laid over them.

In addition to this, what is almost always overlooked is the role that fascia (connective tissue) plays in these injuries, reinforcing these patterns, and affecting the body as a whole.

What is needed is a means of undoing the patterns - directly addressing the fascia, not only as structural support tissue, but as a medium of communication through the entire body...

.... a form of exercise that goes beyond the motions, into a deeper awareness of how we move, allowing for long-standing issues to be released, and greater flexibility to be achieved.

Qigong (pronounced chee-kung) is a movement practice integrating breath and mindfulness, practiced in China for centuries.

It is helpful in cultivating balance, coordination and mobility, while gently developing strength and supporting the immune system.


The Eight Pieces of Brocade is one of the most popular forms of qigong practiced in many Asian countries for health, well being and longevity.

I’m Gina Loree Marks, certified bodyworker (shiatsu) and movement teacher. In this eight-week series, we’ll learn this gentle but powerful routine, while also delving into a new aspect of Qigong each week to help you deepen this or any movement practice.

No prior experience is necessary. All of the movements are done in a standing position, and are appropriate for almost age and ability. Modifications will be suggested for joint replacements or other potential limitations.

Qigong is a great way to start moving, or, as a wonderful supplement to an already active lifestyle - for nourishing and healing

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Very knowledgeable instructors. Experienced less muscle stiffness and pain and improved sleep after
the first class and first week of practicing the exercises. I believe in Qigong and will continue the
— ~ D.F., Exton
I was amazed the amount of energy level I had after the class and the upbeat feeling.
— ~ K.S., West Chester