Rooted in shiatsu (shee-ah'-tsoo) - a Japanese word which means, 'finger pressure' - these bodywork sessions help to facilitate and restore 'flow': of blood, lymph, sensation, information, and 'ki' (or bioelectric current), within the receiver's body.

It is the smoothness of this flow that underlies all of your body's life processes: circulation, respiration, digestion, detoxification, reproduction,  balance, coordination, and the connection between mind and body.


Integrating the precision of biomechanics with the ancient Chinese exercise practice of qigong (chee-kung), Restorative Movement helps you hone in on releasing the areas of the body that have become adapted to our modern lifestyle that cultivates chronic tension and non-moving.

Where bodywork facilitates flow and movement from the outside in, these movement practices will engage you actively, helping you to move more freely and with more awareness throughout your daily life.

Hours are by appointment.

(School year schedule)

Tuesday: 10:00am - 3:30pm

Wednesday: 9:00am - 6:30pm

Friday: 9:00am - 6:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 2:00pm


401A Gordon Drive | Lionville PA |19341

Call: 610.304.5120


Do you realize how genius your body is?

From your systems to the cells that make up those systems, it knows how to convert raw materials to nourishment, to regenerate, to protect itself. It's capable of adapting to and recovering from all manner of environments and stress loads.

That is, to a point.

Our bodies work best when given the appropriate circumstances that they've been adapted to expect for millenia: nourishing food, fresh air and water, a variety of novel and challenging movements, a healthy balance between activity and rest.

However, it seems that the further our modern culture gets away from 'doing life' in direct relationship with our basic needs, the more we seem to suffer, and the more complicated the solutions presented to us become.

Many of us dealing with the most common of issues - aches, pains, tension, stress, fatigue, recurring illness, malaise - feel overwhelmed or underqualified to wade through the multitude of pop culture advice and drastic interventions, when, in many cases, your body may just be craving the right tools to work with.

Yes, sometimes it really can be just that simple.

“The body is your only home in the universe. It is your house of belonging here in the world. It is a very sacred temple.

To spend time in silence before the mystery of your body brings you toward wisdom and holiness.” ~ John O'Donohue

gina loree marks

I'm Gina Loree Marks, shiatsu practitioner and restorative exercise specialist...

For twelve years, I've been helping my bodywork clients reclaim the life force energy trapped in their chronic tension patterns, so they can experience more energy, greater freedom of movement, and deeper resiliency to stress and illness.

Through movement classes and coaching, my clients learn how to move their bodies for themselves in a way that facilitates healing, balance and strength, as well as freedom from habits and patterns that keep them from feeling joy in their physical forms.

Most importantly, I strive to encourage my clients, students and readers that the best place to begin seeking solutions to their suffering is within their own natural design.

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It’s been over 2 yrs and I definitely attribute shiatsu and Gina to my great improvement over a chronic illness...
— Paula B., Downingtown PA
There’s something about this place and this person (Gina) which instills peace of mind and body. I always leave with a feeling of well-being, less stressed, more relaxed and more ‘balanced’. Try shiatsu and see what you’ve been missing.
— Herb F., Downingtown, PA
So glad I found Gina in 2014. Her Happy Feet Class has given me pain free feet, knees and hips. Her massage techniques recharge my mind and body. It is always a relaxing experience.
— Judy S.