Restorative Movement 2 Go

A take-home movement/exercise practice created just for you.

Your information given here will allow me to put together a personalized movement routine or set of practices for you to do on your own time. (You'll have the option to add any comments, if you have more to share than what the questions allow.) Once submitted, I'll create a practice for you (please allow 24-48 hours), and then get back to you with scheduling options to go over the exercises in person.


Do I have to pay to fill out the form?

Nope. Payment ($75) is only required for the teaching session, where you will also receive the written hand-out. You'll have the option to pay in advance when you schedule, or when you arrive.

Why do you have to teach it to me? Can't I just read it for myself?

You could, but what would be the fun of that? :) But, seriously, meeting in person will allow me (and you) to make sure you understand the intention and particulars behind the exercises. A lot of the benefit of the Restorative Exercise is in the details, especially bringing awareness to your 'stuck' areas that your body may be hiding from you. 

What if I submit the form, and decide I don't want to schedule a time to meet with you?

That's fine. There's no obligation - but, the sooner you could let me know that, the better. :) And, if you ever change your mind, just let me know.

I've had some injuries/surgeries/joint replacements. What about all that?

Another reason to meet in person. :) In the form below, you'll have a space to let me know about any potentially limiting conditions, which may affect what movements I choose, or will include modifications. On that note, I will request that you sign an agreement that you have a physician's clearance to take on an exercise program in light of any potential issues (like diabetes, heart conditions, breathlessness, chest pain, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc). I don't give overly strenuous exercises, but any change in physical activity can have an effect.

I don't live close enough to come to your office. Does this mean I can't take part in this?

For the moment, not really. In the near future, Skype sessions may be a possibility. You can also check out the many videos on the Nutritious Movement site (where I received my certification).

What if I forget stuff after our session?

You can always reach out with questions.

What if I want to add more or modify this routine?

We can do a tune-up session for $25. I would also encourage you to come to a class, or try the deeper One-to-One option.

What if I'd rather answer these questions over the phone?

That's fine. But please, fill out your name, email, phone number, birthdate and preferred times to call in the appropriate box below, and hit 'submit'. Kindly allow 24 hours for me to get back to you.

The RM 2 Go Form

Name *
Month - Day - Year
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For example, an energizing morning routine, a calming post work-day routine, some stuff I can do at my desk throughout the day, help for my aching (insert body part)...
For example, injuries, surgeries, illnesses, joint replacements, or any medical conditions that warrant a doctor's approval for an exercise program?