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To live is to flow. To flow is to move.

I help my clients move more freely through bodywork, movement and practices that can be incorporated in the ‘real world’.

One-on-One Sessions 



Rooted in shiatsu (shee-ah'-tsoo) - a Japanese word which means, 'finger pressure' - these bodywork sessions help to facilitate and restore 'flow': of blood, lymph, sensation, information, and 'ki' (or bioelectric current), within the receiver's body.

It is the smoothness of this flow that underlies all of your body's life processes: circulation, respiration, digestion, detoxification, reproduction,  balance, coordination, and the connection between mind and body.

Bodywork sessions are given with the receiver loosely and comfortably clothed - with the choice of being on a massage table or a futon on the floor.

Hours are by appointment. Read more about shiatsu, rates, hours and more here.

Acupressure Facial

Acupressure Facial

Shiatsu/Reflexology Foot Massage

Shiatsu/Reflexology Foot Massage

Ginger Compress

Ginger Compress

Add on services

These treatments can be scheduled alone (except the compress) or as an add-on to your regular bodywork session.

Simply choose ‘add-on’ when scheduling your appointment.

Restorative Movement Coaching

Private movement coaching sessions are available for personalized attention and movement practices for your unique lifestyle. These can also be combined with bodywork sessions.

Read more about what Restorative Movement is (and is not :) -

My favorite practitioner!

As always...going to see Gina is one of the best hours I can spend. the knowledge and insight she gives is so valuable. She is a warm kind hearted person who really believes in what she is doing and does it extremely well. My recent visit focused somewhat on sinus/ respiratory issues due to persistent allergic reaction. I felt so much better as a result. Thank you Gina!!!
— Liz N., West Chester, PA

 Classes + Workshops


Restorative Qigong

Wednesdays: 6:30-7:15pm

Fridays: 11:00-11:45am

Location: 401 A Gordon Drive Exton PA

Cost: $15 per class (4-class cards available for $48)

Class size: 5 (RSVP required)


Qigong (pronounced chee - kung) is an ancient Chinese form of exercise developed to facilitate healing, strength, balance, and energy management.

Whether your tension is from 'poor posture', intense exercise, repetitive use, or emotional stress, the results are the same - restricted movement, restricted blood and oxygen flow, and discomfort.

Moving your body in gentle and specific ways is the one of the simplest and most natural ways to relieve tension, encourage joint mobilization and innervate muscles that are not often used. This class integrates the mindful, flowing movements of qigong with the precision of biomechanically-based Restorative Exercise.

Not only is this class appropriate for more sedentary people, seniors, those with chronic pain or stiffness, post-trauma or surgery, but will help those who work out and work hard regain flexibility, joint mobility and nourish the tissues.



Eight Pieces of Brocade

NOTE NEW LOCATION: The Red Door 3002 West Main St, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesdays: August 27 - October 15, 2019

Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm

Cost: $100

Download the waiver here.

More info here.

FAQ’s here.


Join me in this brand new space for an eight-week introduction into one of the most popular forms of qigong!

Pronounced chee - kung, this is a beloved form of movement practiced in China and other Asian countries for centuries.

While there are many forms of qigong - some intended for martial arts training and spiritual enlightenment - there are others, such as the “Eight Pieces of Brocade’ that are practiced for health maintenance.

Brocade is a heavy, luxurious cloth, and is used here to describe the silken quality of the movements, and the protection (immunity) which it is believed to impart.

In this 8-week session, I will guide you through the series of movements, using each week to introduce a new concept - not only to help deepen your experiences of qigong, but also to bring applicable practices of energy management into your daily life.

No prior experience is necessary. All the movements are in a standing position, and are appropriate for most any age or ability, though modifications will be suggested for joint replacements or other potential limitations.


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