Shiatsu (Acupressure) Facial

After just one visit to Gina for an acupressure facial, I have seen a difference in the skin around my eyes. I had noticed my eyelids beginning to droop and was becoming concerned about needing surgery because sometimes I can’t open my eyes all the way. After my session, I noticed how my eyes were opening wider and the lids seemed tighter already. I’m excited about this possibility of using this technique with Gina to improve the skin tone on my face.
— ~ Diane C., Coatesville, PA

A lovely treatment just for the face, neck, and head.

This has been traditionally used not only to smooth out lines, firm up sagginess and bring a radiant glow to the skin, but can also help relieve headaches, congestion, TMJ, tinnitus, and tired, strained eyes.

The massage uses no oils or other products (though a light application of virgin coconut oil can be used, if requested in advance), just gentle fingertip and palm massage in circular motions, or brushing strokes.

The head, ears, neck and shoulders are also included - for special acupressure points, as well as to relieve tension and move the lymphatic fluid.

This treatment can be scheduled alone (30 minutes), or added onto a bodywork session. Just check the 'add-on's' box when your schedule.