shiatsu foot massage

Your feet hold 25%of your body's bones and muscles, 33 joint articulations and 200,000 nerves.

That's a lot of fine motor movement that, thanks to shoes and flat walking surfaces, your feet are not receiving.

It matters because what nourishes the tissues and cells of your feet is the muscular movement, and those nerves are how your feet communicate to your brain and the rest of your body about what the ground is doing.

This can be Very Helpful as we get older.

Massage alone will not restore the full mobility to your feet you were born with (you need to move them a lot more every single day), but it will help stimulate circulation and healing, as well as loosen up the stiffness and atrophy created by confinement and too little variation in the ground we walk upon.

Like full-body shiatsu sessions, this treatment uses no oil, but does address the many acupressure points located in the feet, which can also help stimulate 'ki' or life force throughout other systems of the body.

Before the treatment, a warming ginger-water scrub is used to cleanse and stimulate circulation, and a light coconut oil (or bring your favorite!) is applied after (both optional).

This can be a stand-alone session ($45), added on to a full-body session ($30).