shin tai (life force recovery)

(pronounced shin tie, and translating as 'original body or 'source body')

A more recent evolution of bodywork, building on shiatsu, as well as incorporating Western modalities such as craniosacral, fascia release, and structural alignment techniques. Specific attention is paid to the energetic and structural components of the spine, as it is the physical manifestation of theGoverning Vessel (GV), one of the two primary information channels (meridians) by which all of the other 12 meridians are informed.

Developed by Saul Goodman, the intention of Shin Tai (or Life Force Recovery), is to free up the spinal column and its surrounding tissues - muscles and fascia - as Governing Vessel flow is intimately affected by spinal alignment. As coordination of the dense and softer tissues of the spine returns to the body, the self-healing and self-regulatory capacity of the body/mind increases, resulting in higher energy and more productive living.

Shin Tai is often incorporated right into the shiatsu sessions, with attention being given to how the breath moves through the body (or where it isn't), and addressing the receiver's body at the level through which it is most accessible (what Saul calls "priority of treatment").

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