Praise for embodygrace...

"Truth be - your shiatsu sessions transcend any other modality I have ever encountered; it's as if the boundaries of mind body soul have evaporated and I am peacefully floating in a space of joy, rest, rejuvenation... it's my piece of heaven in an otherwise very hectic busy world! ...and for that I AM utterly Grateful!" - Leigh Z., Malvern, PA

"A satisfying experience that lasts! It's not that hard to find a massage therapist or other body worker who can make you feel good as he/she is doing the work. But my experience is that warm-glow feeling fades fairly quickly after the session is over. Gina's shiatsu sessions result in that same feel-good sensation, but it lasts for days afterward."  - Randy L., West Chester, PA

"My shoulder feels so much better now and I've been able to start exercising with it. I'm so glad that decided to have Shiatsu for it!" - Edgar U., West Chester, PA

"My back pain went away after I saw you last and did not return until this week because I've been doing a lot of raking and other yard work. What a blessing that was because I'd had back pain for the past year and a half with no relief, not from the chiropractor or exercise or pills, so what you did worked." - Barbara S., Exton, PA

Very Focused and Intentional. I really appreciated my first shiatsu session, and I'm so glad it was with Gina! She works in a very focused way, totally present, really elegant. I've been reading her blog for several months, and her personality and dedication to her work came through beautifully, but there is no substitute for the actual hands-on experience of the work." - Judith M., Downingtown, PA

"Dreamland. Gina really knows what she's doing. I always leave totally refreshed. Her space is very calm and conducive to relaxation. It's a lovely gift to myself to book a session with her ." - Hildie K., St David's, PA

"Gina is a gifted bodyworker. Sessions I have experienced with her have been extremely helpful; alleviating pain and dysfunction while putting me in a state of bliss. I refer my own clients to her, when I feel they would benefit from her knowing hands." - Susan Hart, ACMT, Owner of Serenity Achieved, Phoenixville, PA

"In a crazy world and hectic life, the sessions I've had with Gina were very calm and revitalizing. To walk out less anxious, and more awake is delightful! I haven't gone in a while -  time to book myself!" - Wendy K, Downingtown, PA

"Amazing. Gina has had an amazing ability to connect with me as a client, locate my trouble spots and provide relaxation and pain relief. She also works effectively around any disability I might have at the time." - Andrea C., Exton, PA

"This was my first body work...never even had a regular massage; it was wonderful and she was so good! I concentrated on maintaining the peacefulness and stress-free feeling after the session. My body hasn't felt like this in a LONG time! Can't wait for my next session!" -   Angelique, Coatesville, PA

"I never had a Shiatsu massage before and after this I will ALWAYS go to Gina for the BEST massage I ever had! Thank you Leigh for recommending're right ... she IS the best! Thanks Gina!" -Donny K., Newmarket, NH

"After just one visit to Gina for an acupressure facial, I have seen a difference in the skin around my eyes. I had noticed my eyelids beginning to droop and was becoming concerned about needing surgery because sometimes I can't open my eyes all the way. After my session, I noticed how my eyes were opening wider and the lids seemed tighter already. I'm excited about this possibility of using this technique with Gina to improve the skin tone on my face." -Diane Catrambone, Health by Design, Coatesville, PA

"Wonderful. Gina is great! I not only felt like I'd had a great massage, targeting the areas I specified, but it was a healing experience as well. I'm going to book once a month even if I have to eat cat food to do it -- it's that good! The sense of peace and serenity, to say nothing of the energy boost, was wonderful. I'm running out of superlatives here -- let's just say I highly recommend a massage with Gina for any reason you can come up with. Even if it's your psyche that hurts, she'll help." - Mary M., Coatesville, PA

"Highly recommended. If I had any idea how much I would benefit from a a shiatsu session, I would have made my appointment a long time ago. The stress due to the recent loss of my father had produced physical and emotional symptoms from which i could not find relief. After my sessions with Gina, I felt more "clear" and at peace. It decreased my physical aches and pains ad dramatically improved my mood, energy level and overall feelings of well-being. Gina has a gentle and caring nature and I would highly recommend her." - Joyce H., Downingtown, PA

"Gina's writing and care for her clients goes beyond simple inspiration. Through her blog and the resources she offers on her web site, she provides support, and insightful reflection. The honesty that Gina shares in her writing speaks directly to your inner resonance. Gina has a calm strength that makes you lean into the support she provides, feel comforted, and feel like there is someone who deeply understands your journey.” - Jenn G., Coatesville, PA

"Throughout the past years, Gina has provided gentle, most effective shiatsu/shin tai treatment, especially for my scoliosis, but working on the whole body. She expertise in wellness is enhanced by continuing studies, and most recently, partnering with Bill (Bryan) teaching qigong classes which definitely benefit balance, posture and spirit. Gina's compassionate manner warms my heart." - Ann D., Downingtown, PA (and longest term client!)