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My background and training in eastern bodywork and western biomechanics has given me the perspective that our health and happiness is dependent (or, at least more readily attained) on how harmoniously we relate to the natural world - in the way we move, eat, work, think, deal with stress and deal with each other.

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Like self-assessments? Here's a fun quiz to find out what your 'element' is!

This assessment comes to you with permission by the authors of the book, "Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine"*.

According to Chinese Medicine, our physical and psychological make-up is a reflection of the five manifestations of matter in nature: Earth, Metal, Water, Fire and Wood, and the characteristics these elements express.

We generally have a predominant strength in one or two (or three), and a weakness in another. These proportions have a lot to do with how we deal under stress, manifest illness, embody our purpose in life, and how we can support our health and well-being by working with these elements.

five element assessment guide

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