Are bibliophiles more human?

…I was intrigued by the speech given by the president of the college, concerning, of course, books.

And how he believed they make us more human.

He spoke (at length :) about the shared experiences book lovers have: toting long-unopened and heavy crates of beloved treasures from home to home; the awkwardness of trying to prop up an unwieldy volume while reading in bed, often after the proper light has faded; the penchant for underlining, dog-earring, piling up precariously on the nightstand, purchasing multiple copies to share or replace when loans go astray ... all of those seemingly inconvenient, burdensome, (justifiably) expensive rectangles of paper and binding that we simply would not give up for all the Kindles in the world.

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Your feet are keeping secrets!

Spring is threatening to spring any minute herein Pennsylvania, and while I’ve at least been able to ditch the sock for indoor wear, I’m not quite ready to ditch the shoes for outdoors.

Speaking of shoes, have you ever really looked at the soles of yours? Especially the ones you wear most frequently?

How about the soles of your feet?

I see a LOT of feet in my practice, and they tell me a lot about how and where a person carries themselves (on which part of their feet, I mean, not the on planet :), as well as what may be underlying their seemingly unrelated-to-the-feet issues.

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Who's in your mirror?

In this, the month of Love… (which, I know, there are mixed feelings about…) - I’d like to direct your attention to the mirror.

What do you see when you look there? Or, maybe more to the point - how do you feel when you see your reflection?

This was the main point of a recent presentation on Natural Beauty I gave at a local library. (Yeah, not so much about swapping out your Maybelline for Evan Healy, or seven ways to make an avocado mask…).

It matters because what we see - in light of how we even define ‘beauty’ and whether we ‘measure up’ - informs not only how we feel about ourselves, but what choices we make about what we do to or put on or in our bodies.

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