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live in the real world.



My mission is to help you:

Remember your body.

Know your body.

Feel your body.

Appreciate your body.

Trust your body.

Live in your body.

Live in the real world.

You are a wonderfully, miraculously complex and dynamic human being.

While the workings of your body may seem complicated and mysterious, its needs to thrive are simple, basic, and elegant: clean air, water, nourishing food and movement, healthy connections with your fellow human, the natural world, and your own soul.

The mission of embodygrace is to lead you back home to your body - to remember its goodness and joy in moving, to trust it again and to restore its primal relationship with the natural world as a source of wisdom to help you discern the best path for yourself in this chaotic world.

I offer shiatsu bodywork sessions, movement classes and coaching, and practices of ‘bodyful’* inquiry to help you uncover and discern the language of your body.


(*bodyful: a term coined by author Christine Caldwell, PhD, in her book, “Bodyfulness: Somatic Practices for Presence, Empowerment and Waking Up in This Life” )

grace notes




There’s something about this place and this person (Gina) which instills peace of mind and body.

I always leave with a feeling of well-being, less stressed, more relaxed and ‘balanced’.

Try shiatsu and see what you’ve been missing.
— Herb F., Downingtown, PA


I’m Gina Loree Marks…

… shiatsu practitioner and movement coach.

Since 2005, I’ve been helping people relieve their stress, and feel better through bodywork.

During that time, I began to notice an increase in ‘posturally-related’ issues, which is why, when I discovered the work of biomechanist Katy Bowman in 2014, I also decided to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist.

But, also, in these last 14 years, I’ve seen an increase in what I would call an ‘adversarial relationship’ many of my clients have with their bodies.

We’ve come to believe that the body must be subdued in the name of health, and that pain within a bodywork session or exercise routine is a sign of its effectiveness. There’s great benefit and growth in challenging comfort zones and pushing boundaries, but this is most effective when the body and mind are engaged, relaxed and receptive - not disconnected and recoiling from discomfort.

In a time where the prevailing messages keep us in a constant state of dissatisfaction with our looks, and a resignation to ‘getting old’ and breaking down, our pursuit of health takes more the shape of a futile struggle, rather than a means of experiencing the fullness of our lives.

As poet John O’Donohue once wrote, the body is our only home in the universe, a house of belonging here in the world, and a sacred temple.