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Your feet are keeping secrets!

Spring is threatening to spring any minute herein Pennsylvania, and while I’ve at least been able to ditch the sock for indoor wear, I’m not quite ready to ditch the shoes for outdoors.

Speaking of shoes, have you ever really looked at the soles of yours? Especially the ones you wear most frequently?

How about the soles of your feet?

I see a LOT of feet in my practice, and they tell me a lot about how and where a person carries themselves (on which part of their feet, I mean, not the on planet :), as well as what may be underlying their seemingly unrelated-to-the-feet issues.

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are your feet ready to delight?

My first -week "Healthy & Happy Feet" workshop wraps up today.

But, not to fret! There are two more happening in May... on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

We cover some basic foot anatomy, what to look for in choosing healthier footwear, and learn a few exercises to help improve mobility in the feet, as well as possibly relieve issues with knees, hips and back. Lots of hand-outs, too!


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are you in (dysfunctional) relationship?

What my biggest takeaway has been (and I hope it's been for the participants as well) is that this approach (via Restorative Exercise) is not just about 'do these exercises', 'wear these shoes' (or not), but understanding the relationship between the condition of your feet and how you use them.

Like with any relationship therapy, you have to get to the root of the dynamics that create the conflicts.

Habits of response, unconscious decisions, repetitive patterns. Co-dependency. That sort of thing

It helps to understand that the environment we keep trying to relate to is not the one our bodies are in expectation of. But we adapt...


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