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the elevator pitch of life

As I've been taking course after course in on-line marketing strategies, I've always been stumped very early on by the 'elevator pitch'.

If you don't know, the pitch is a quick summary that you can give to someone about what you do for a living in the time it takes to ride in an elevator.

I do shiatsu, sure. And I could explain all the where-as's and what for's. But does this really tell someone what I can do for them?


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I once read somewhere that if you want to change your life, do one thing differently.

I'm also learning from a marketing course I'm doing, that small tweaks bring small changes, the incremental percentages of which can quickly compound into doubling one's business. They have a formula and everything!

The one thing doesn't have to be monumental. For me, I think about this in the shower ... my first real unconscious routine of the morning. Body goes on auto-pilot through shampoo, lather, rinse, repeat, whilemonkey mind skips off happily to find something to be agitated about for the day...


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