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How to slow down time.

I doubt there aren’t too many of us wondering where the heck the last year has gone.

Thanksgiving already? Really??

I have my theories about why time feels like it’s speeding up (something I realized years before I ever heard of the FOMO - ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ - phenomenon).

Whatever the cause, it leaves a lot of us with a sense of never being quite caught up, content, fulfilled, complete.

As least, that’s how I’ve been feeling in recent years.

But, I’ve been learning to narrow the scope of what’s possible.

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"my knee is crap."

This statement ended a summary from a client catching me up on her state of things since I last saw her.

And, because I've heard this or similar sentiments expressed (and, yes, have even thought myself), I sighed.

This sense of betrayal, frustration, resignation is all too prevalent amongst my fellow humans - who, despite (or because of) our first-world privileges and developments - are succumbing to the 'fact that their bodies are falling apart' - and, while I'm feeling their frustration over the unavoidable casualties of aging, I know, I JUST KNOW, DAMMIT! they're not unavoidable or inevitable.

And ...I feel even more frustrated when trying to communicate that convincingly.


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7 cool things you can do with a piece of foam

Getting more movement (whether exercise or beyond) doesn't require fancy expensive equipment.

For example, this one simple prop can be recruited for at least 7 of the uses I've demonstrated in the video below. 



From calf stretching, to hip strengthening, to pelvis loosening, this unassuming, inexpensive and portable piece of foam can help you relieve a ton of little nagging aches and pains by engaging your muscles and joints in new and healthy ways.

See for yourself!


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