"Your body and your mind reflect one another."

What you feel in your body affects the way you perceive the world. And how you think about the things you encounter in life affects how you feel.

So, how do you feel? Right now. How do you want to feel?

It's more than just 'feelings'. It's about your health. Your well-being. A sense of serenity in daily life has been a human quest since antiquity. Practices developed over a thousand years ago speak to the same struggles we face today - mastering our runaway thoughts, calming the nervous system, riding with the rhythm of the seasons, cultivating awareness and self-mastery so as not to be swept away by the drama of life around us, so we can focus our precious energy on what really matters.

These practices are as relevant and applicable now as they ever were... perhaps even more so.

I'm Gina Loree Marks, shiatsu practitioner.

I offer bodywork and movement instruction rooted in time-tested philosophy and biomechanics. I also love translating the principles of this philosophy into language and concrete practices that you can get your head around and use anywhere.


Bodywork, movement and workshops.


Books and courses - real and virtual.