You're here seeking relief....

... from aches. Pain. Tension. Stress. Fatigue. Overwhelm. A sense of 'imbalance', or 'disconnection'. A feeling  of being held hostage by changing hormones, seasons, life circumstances.

Or, you just want to take better care of yourself;  maybe squeeze more juice out of life.

Or, you're just curious.

Wonderful! For whatever reason, I'm glad you're here.

For those of us trying to solve problems and get relief, we tend to look to the more immediate explanations.

My neck and shoulders hurt because... "I hold all my stress there." "I'm hunched over a computer all day." "I need a new pillow." "My doctor told me I have arthritis."*

All of which may be true, but rarely is the whole picture. But without a broader view, we adopt a micromanagement approach: Remember to relax the shoulders. Get really deep massage. Sit up straighter. Agree to cortisone shots. Resign yourself to 'just getting older' and suck it up. Some of which may help, but not enough. Not enough to bring you to feel what you really want to feel.

Like getting lost in a forest - we either end up going in circles or heading deeper into the trees.

What is needed is a map - a hawk's eye perspective - a sense of the bigger picture that can show us where we are in relation to where we want to be, as well as how recognize the landmarks along the way. (And maybe a little forgotten historical perspective....)

The best part is: the map is already in your possession. You just need some help knowing how to read it.