Hi. I'm Gina Loree Marks....


.. and I'm a shiatsu practitioner.

Shiatsu (shee - ah - tsoo) is Japanese-style of bodywork that is not only deeply relaxing, but therapeutic. The application of the therapist's pressure along specific pathways of the receiver's body has been used for many years in Asian countries to address a variety of symptoms and conditions, and to improve overall health. (Is this you?)

In my eight years of practice, I've encountered everything from migraines, sciatica and post-op issues, to hormonal imbalance and Lyme disease recuperation, as well as just plain overwhelm and stress.

The beauty of a modality like shiatsu, is that it doesn't force - it simply meets you where you are, and gently removes the restrictions in your body/mind so that the healing can happen from within.

Many people find that shiatsu offers a different kind of sensation than 'regular' massage (not that shiatsu is irregular....) - but that it goes deeper without feeling invasive, and that the effects can last for several days. Also, because it is a clothed treatment, some folks feel more comfortable. This also allows for a greater range of stretching positions, which can feel quite satisfying.

Shiatsu is wonderful on its own, but it shines within the context of a larger self-care regimen that includes diet, exercise and awareness practices. For this reason, I also offer classes and other resources to help you live a more graceful life.

To determine if shiatsu is right for you, call or email me. We can discuss your situation and decide where to go with it. I also have colleagues I am happy to refer you to, if this makes more sense.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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