"Don't lose heart, Miss Alignment...."

"Don't lose heart, Miss Alignment...."

What do you truly desire?

Peace ~ Health ~ Freedom ~ Energy ~ Mobility ~ Simplicity ~ Beauty ~ Creativity ~ Harmony ~ Balance ~ Grace (Choose any and all that apply…)

What's keeping you from having, doing, being what you truly desire?

Pain ~ Stress ~ Immobility ~ Restriction ~ Fatigue ~ Resistance ~ Clutter ~ Beliefs ~ Patterns ~ Habits ~ Overwhelm (Again, choose any, or add your own...)

Ahhh.. better!

Ahhh.. better!

It's all about alignment.

Alignment: n. "arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions."

(Conversely, misalignment is 'the incorrect arrangement or position of something in relation to something else.' )

In other words, if you're not in a correct or appropriate relationship to what you want to do or experience, you'll either never get there, or you're likely to run into resistance, injury, or other mishaps. Sound familiar?

Alignment has to do with all of our parts being in right relationship with what we're trying to accomplish.

In the body, it's about doing our thang within the ever-present influence of gravity.

It the rest of life, it's going about the sacred business of living (nourishment, movement, livelihood, creativity)  in harmony with our natural design, and our highest purpose.


I'm Gina Loree Marks. I'm a bodyworker and my desire is to see a lot more people taking good, loving care of themselves, and experiencing the energy, fulfillment and joy that comes from living in alignment with their purpose and with nature (and, of course, gravity... ;)

It's so much more enjoyable that way!

How this works: If you're in my area, check out my services page. I do bodywork, and offer classes. If you're not in my area, or even if you are and you wanna play along at home, visit the blog, or check out the 'shop' page. (There's freebies there, too!)