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embodygrace is:

... an integration of western and eastern bodywork and movement practices - shiatsu, qigong, biomechanics-based corrective exercises, and more -  to help you move and understand your body better.

If you know your body needs more 'exercise' but the whole idea is daunting, or if you are exercising, but you're feeling worse instead of better, or if you've ever used the words, "I just must be getting old," this may be the place for you.

Because what this is not is another exercise routine.

Movement is more than exercise. Exercise is a set of prescribed movements done in a prescribed place for a prescribed period of time. Movement is what you are doing every moment of your time spent in a physical reality. It's your relationship to the world and to your own body. To understand that relationship - where it's working and where it's not working - is to be able to make the changes necessary for your movements to be nourishing, life-giving and aligned with how it was designed to operate.

Because when you move better, you feel better, you live more of your life, and you live more to your purpose.

And when you understand your body better - how it works, why it does what it does - you are able to better care for it and give it what it truly needs.

Good for you. Good for everybody around you.


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grace = flow + control



Bodywork sessions are rooted in shiatsu (shee - ah' - tzoo), a japanese-style of massage intended to restore the balanced flow of ki (qi, chi) in the body. Shiatsu is a clothed treatment, given with the receiver lying on a mat on the floor or on a massage table. 

Hours are by appointment. 


Ongoing weekly classes, individual sessions, and periodic workshops in 'restorative movement' - based in time-tested philosophy and modern biomechanics. 


There’s something about this place and this person (Gina) which instills peace of mind and body. I always leave with a feeling of well-being, less stressed, more relaxed and more ‘balanced’. Try shiatsu and see what you’ve been missing.
— Herb F. Downingtown, PA
So glad I found Gina in 2014. Her Happy Feet Class has given me pain free feet, knees and hips. Her massage techniques recharge my mind and body. It is always a relaxing experience.
— Judy S
It’s been over 2 yrs and I definitely attribute shiatsu and Gina to my great improvement over a chronic illness...
— paula b. downingtown, pa

live true to {your} nature


about gina loree marks


As you may have guessed, I'm a shiatsu practitioner. 

What drives me the most is my belief that there is an objective reality to which our bodies and minds are still aligned, and when we are in flow with that alignment, we experience the greatest health, happiness and ease.

This is taught in the Tao, in scripture, in Newtonian physics, in nature, and I'm sure, in a lot more places.

Shiatsu, to me, is just the doorway in to experiencing this flow. I would also call it, being in 'right relationship', just as the ancient Chinese described the positioning of humankind 'between heaven and earth', with our hearts as sovereign in the center.