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When life feels, well, constipated...

Have you ever noticed the transitions of the Equinoxes (summer to fall, winter to spring) seem to be more tumultuous - physically and emotionally?

Maybe it’s the dramatic shift in directional momentum - in summer to fall, the energy shifts from outward and expansive to downward and in; likewise, from winter to spring, it's the rush of energy from the depths moving upward and outward.

In both cases, many people tend to get more colds, more fatigue, and more emotional.

These are also optimal times for "cleaning house", though with somewhat different intentions.


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in this glorious season of grief

Where I'm writing from - southeastern Pennsylvania, USA - we are heading into fall, with all the picturesque scenes and smells typical for this time of year.

As the light changes, and the warmth of summer slips away, unfulfilled plans, hopes and dreams are laid to rest, at least until next year.

We return from the fields (metaphorically, I mean) to find shelter and hopefully, a stocked pantry; hearts and minds part ways to tend to the home fires, retreating within for the winter - if not in our modern reality, then surely in our ancestral memory...


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