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casting off.. who's with me?

Yesterday was the "Big Day" - liberation from the cast since breaking my wrist on March 11th.

It's been interesting, as I got to experience first-hand (haha... a pun!) what enforced immobilization is like, never having broken a significant bone before.

If you've ever had a broken, sprained or similarly injured part, you're pretty keen to the dramatic changes: going from activity one minute to sudden non-activity for several weeks or months, as the injury has to be kept still in order to heal.

But, necessary as this is, there's a price.


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are you talking yourself into an early grave?

Today, I'm touting Katy Bowman's latest book, "Dynamic Aging", because you know... Katy.

But also, because before even reading it, I had been wondering about the effect our stories about aging (told to ourselves, to each other, by the media, and even by science) has on our perceptions.

It's hard to escape the endless stream of messages - in the form of products, services, medications - that if you (or someone you love) is of a certain age, you better prepare for a life of decreased mobility, increased dependence, and a steady downward slope into, well, you know.

We might do well to question this.


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going global and local

That I’m a fan (and a student) of Katy Bowman is hardly a secret to most people in my orbit.

For those that I’ve managed to turn on to her work and her writing, they immediately get why.

She’s smart, she’s funny and she's talking and writing and DOING movement in a way that is far, far outside the exercise box... which often helps people to move better, or even to start moving at all.

Katy’s (eighth?) book has just hit the shelves, and yeah, I’d say another home run....


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